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Frequently asked questions

How to shop?

You can buy our products directly from the website in ‘shop’ section. If you prefer to order by email, just send us a list of products, delivery address and your phone number to our email: obchod@chute.sk Our products are also available in stores, farmers markets, cafes and restaurants in various locations in Europe.

Which kind of shipping do we provide?

Shipments of goods (within Slovakia) are provided via UPS courier service and Slovak post. For international shipments, please contact us at sales@divine-spices.com

How long does it take to process my order?

Processing of orders (within Slovakia) can take up to 2 working days.

How long does the shipping take?

Delivery takes approximately 1-2 working days.

How long is the warranty period?

You can find the warranty period on the label of each product.

We are a restaurant, cafe, store, food manufacturer, who should we contact in case of interest in a wholesale?

Please feel free to contact us by email at sales@divine-spices.com 

How to get wholesale price list?

Send us an email to sales@divine-spices.com  We will send you the wholesale price list and all the necessary information.

Are you cooperating with bloggers or Facebook pages?

Yes, absolutely, we are strongly in favor of cooperation. Please feel free to contact us if you have a blog or Facebook page dedicated to the recipes, eating a healthy diet, sports, and fitness etc. We will gladly send you all the information and products to try.

What makes coconut sugar different from cane, brown and white sugar?

The amazing caramel flavor is a huge difference between coconut sugar and cane sugar. A very significant difference when it comes to health is a low glycemic index GI 35 of the coconut sugar (index of cane sugar is 58; the index of brown and white sugar is 64).Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener suitable for weight control, furthermore it improves blood glucose and lipids. 
It supplies energy in your body which helps in your daily activities without the sudden rise of blood sugar which normally happen after consuming cane, brown and white sugar. 
Another advantage is the higher mineral content comparing to other sweeteners. Coconut sugar vs brown sugar has a two times higher content of iron, four times higher magnesium content and ten times higher zinc content.
It’s very tasty, healthy, has a long expiry period and above all it is a natural sweetener, which is, moreover, very rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is purely natural, unrefined goodness prepared by hand and with love.
Thanks to its caramel – like taste it is applicable wherever you can imagine. It has extensive usability. For example as a sweetener for coffee, tea, cocoa, cocktails can be used as an ingredient for baking cakes, icecream, puddings. It is also a substitute for other natural sugars and syrups which is used in various desserts, sauces and pies.

Which part of the coconut palm is used for production of coconut sugar? What is the process of production?

Coconut sugar is made from the nectar (sap) of the flowers of the coconut palm. The whole production process is illustrated in our beautiful video on our website.

Are we kind to nature? Are we practising sustainable agriculture?

We respect the nature, that’s a main part of our corporate philosophy. Our products are packed in recyclable paper boxes. If customers ask about flyers, we print them on paper from recycled waste.
Our main product of coconut sugar sweetener has been declared the greenest in the world. You ask why?
The reason is simple; coconut palms (Cocos nucifera) are very beneficial for nature. They can grow in areas with low water content and still produce high quality nectar. They are known to enhance the significantly quality of the soil. In comparison, with cane or sugar beet, coconut trees produces one hectare about 50-75% more sugar and use just 1/3 of water and nutrients.
Besides ability of producing coconut sugar, the “tree of life” is also known for its further use.
Coconut tree does not only gives food, coconut milk and cooking oil but the leaves are used for the building of the house’s roofs, the production of fiber mats and the clothes, the shell can be used as tableware and for decorative items, and the sweet sap from the flowers produces not only coconut sugar but alcohol as well.
Young coconuts are used for their delicious and top nutritious coconut water, riped coconuts (well known from supermarkets, brown colour nuts) are great for pulp and making coconut milk.
Coconut trees are also called as the “Tree of Life”, greatly improves the lives of many farmers in areas where it is grown.
For people who do not live in the tropics, coconut palm is probably only synonymous for vacation somewhere in the tropics. But for people who live in the tropics, coconut palm means much more.
Indonesians says that its fruits “have so many uses, that every day of the year can be used in different way.”
Attention!!!: Please do not confuse the Palm oil plant (Elaeis guineensis or Attalea Maripa), which produces palm oil with Coconut tree, which is coconut sugar produced from.
Palm oil plant is a plant that devastates the environment, as it produces oil for only a period of about 3-5 years, leaving years of virtually a dead land, without nutrients. Planting Palm oil plants undermine the entire ecosystem, such as, on the island of Sumatra, Borneo, but also in Malaysia and Thailand, Amazonia.
Our products come from completely different trees, called Cocos nucifera.

How our cooperation with farmers and community support looks like?

We teach, motivate and encourage our farmers, make them independent and help them to become producers and final processors of healthy products, instead of selling unprocessed raw materials. In this way, their living conditions have improved significantly. In recognition of improving their lives, our farmers always keep for us the highest quality and most delicious products from their production. Within the social program of the communities in which our products are produced, we support orphans and the elderly.

How we guarantee the highest quality in the market?

We are enthusiastically engaged in processing natural products for years. We pay great attention to the quality of the raw material, the 5 phased quality control during the manufacturing process until an output at the form of thenal product. Each of our products has its own expert to work with, expert with years of experience. Our team of coconut sugar production is led by people who were among the first who made coconut sugar in crystalized form. Our coordinator for the vanilla, or we can say the queen of spices, devoted almost 30 years to it. On special variety of coffees, including green coffee, keeping eyes on planters, who have extensive knowledge about coffee cultivation handed down from generation to generation.

Where are the farms situated?

Farms are situated in central and eastern part of Indonesian islands of Java.

Why we do what we do...what is our motivation?

This project fulfills our souls; it becomes a way and destiny of our life. (Every day) we wake up with a good feeling, knowing that we can make people happy and contribute to the benefit of farmers, the community and our satisfied customers.

We deliver the best quality species with healthy ingredients. By doing so we are convinced to do a great job for the consumers health and the working conditions of the farmers.

We are fascinated with Javanese people and their huge kind hearts. Working with these unique people and using exotic ingredients such as premium coffee, vanilla, spices, coconut sugar, turmeric etc. is simply a gift to our lifes.